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Okay so today I was about to play ranked with a friend, so we got into the champion select and every thing was going smoothly. I went to close my internet window but accidentally right-clicked and closed my LoL client.

Then I had to wait half an hour before we could start again. Has it always been that long? Anyways, that's not the point.

There were two pretty big consequences of my slip.
1. I had to wait 30 minutes with my friend (yes we have smurfs so it wasn't a big deal)
2. Every one who had spent all that time in champion select had to restart the whole process.

I felt pretty bad for making the mistake, especially cause it was such a stupid one. I was just wondering, why doesn't LoL add a pop up when you are leaving champion select that says, "are you sure you want to leave? By leaving you will pay dearly with your own time." Something along those lines.

I know that this mistake probably doesn't happen very often to players, but I really wish it was there when I needed it.

Any thoughts?

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I agree, this is a good idea imo, i slap myself in the face every time that happens