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Nearing 6300 IP again Support thread

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I'll stick with my recommendation of Janna like I did my earlier post. Keep trying with her.

Sona isn't a bad choice, but the problem is she's not the safest choice either - She is one of the most fragile in the entire game, her kit requires you to harass (Which is harder than simply keeping ADC alive), and her ultimate is like Sejuani in that it's very powerful but relies on meticulous timing. In other words, good champ, but not the safest choice.

Again, Janna's safer because she is flexible (can go aggressive or passive) and has a great shield/steroid which the ADC needs.She combines easy difficulty with powerful utility, which is in my opinion the safest you can get with minimal trade-off. Bonus MS for the whole team is already contributing to every small victory no matter what. Unlike other supports, she also gains a lot of move speed which is very advantageous because it's less punishing if you're caught out, or if moving to where someone needs help (This is a disadvantage with slow supports like Lulu - She packs a punch but she has the slowest base MS in the game and this makes her difficult to play as).

So to break it down:
-You want the "best support". There's no such thing, so I refer you to the safest support, aka one that is useful in the majority of cases AND is easy to play. By "useful in majority of cases", I take into account scaling, how they help their ADC, how they help their team, and how easily they can be countered.
-Janna fits this category: She is easy to play, but also packs a lot of utility that makes her useful. She's easy to play because her abilities are not complex, she doesn't require you to take a certain path at all times (Flexibility), and she's less vulnerable than other supports.
-All her abilities, passive included, are incredibly useful/versatile. Refer to my first post for more details.

You mentioned viability throughout the game. Well, Janna also has incredible AP ratios so if you have tons of gold you have options there. In standard games where you're not super fed, she works well with various support items you'll have, and because she packs so much utility/CC, she never really becomes obsolete either.

Edit: I'll concede that the next best support is Taric, probably 2nd safest choice. Similar to Janna, but slightly more difficulty and lacks some utility for more damage.

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Taric is a must have support imo. He's just that strong.

Other than him: Leona is one of the best CC dishers in the game.
Sona has great poke in lane, a heal, and great CC on her ult.
Lulu is a very unique support- she makes life very difficult for the enemy adc, and her ult is one of the best things to keep a carry alive.