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Fast, easy, quick way to fix droppers.

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I, like many other people, suffer from the inconvenience that is whenever a player is inactive, or declines; this disbands the game, removes the dropper from the que, and returns you to the match list. This can continue from 0-5 more times, to the annoyance of everyone.

My solution is simple. Whenever someone is inactive, or declines a match, simply remove them from the match, and have the matchmaker find another person able to join. This person, if able to accept, will join the match-minus-one game, and the game will start.

This method, would save time, and not need the rampant disband & wait that is normal pvp.

In fact, since the error is mostly coding, I sometimes daydream about a little boot animation swinging down on the dropper, kicking him out, and another one comes in. maybe not necessary, but the concept and comic relief would be great.

Long story short

Make it so only those who decline or are inactive from accepting a match be kicked from the match, saving time of all parties involved.

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I am a bit lost... From what I am getting from your post, you want the person who declines or does not accept to be removed from "Searching" status until they re-initiate it. This already happens, and you are in fact running into a stream of people declining or not accepting. And while that's frustrating, it's a LOT better than having them come into queue and be afk until the match starts.

Am I incorrect in my interpretation of your post?