Too easy to get into ranked games/trolls

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The min number of champs is too low of a requirement for a player to make it into ranked games. I would also propose a min number of t3 runes and rune pages. It is far to common to get a person in the 1300s that can only play one role. If they don't get it they blow chunks and the ones that do blow chunks still due to the fact.

On to the topic of trolls.
A major part of the seen trolling happens in the game lobby. People know this and don't give a **** what they say or do in the lobby. Also another issue would be the fact that the punishment on trolls are fairly light. I keep seeing trolls on my team or the other team. It makes the play very dull. Even when you are the winning side. You didn't win that game justly you just won because they have a troll on their team. I can't count how many games where I ****ed my lane up bad and still won due to the fact you have some feeder / troll running about or when I shut down my lane to 30 CS vs my 90 and still loose the game because of a troll.

I would also like to see early surrenders. You know you are going to loose when you got these trolls on your team. Why would I want to wast 20 mins of my life because if I quit I get hit with a leave Penalty. There is more harsher punishments for leaving than trolling.