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Chat Upgrade Suggestion (pls. feel free to add your opinion too)

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Hello Riot and fellow Summoners,

I've been playing LoL since 2009, and I really love this game!
I'm sure that all of yous love this game too!

I just wanted to make a teeny suggestion on just the chatting interface of LoL.
I'm really not sure where to post this because its for both in-game and out-game chatting interface. But I've decided to post it under the in-game HUD discussion because that is where I would like to see more improvement.

First, I think the out-of-game chat is good, but having a little bit more control over where the chat boxes are and options to color code certain summoners might be nice too.

The thing that I would like to see change is how in-game chat looks and feels.

While playing the game, I receive a message from a friend, who is out of game... but I'm too busy so I don't even recognize it. <Has this happened to you?> I bet it did.

Why not have pop-up chat boxes? where you can drag and move them around to place on your screen? Have options to keep the chat as it is or enable this cool feature? So that some summoners who dislike the extra distraction can keep it off.

Color code chat please? There are at max 5 people per team. Have 5 colors to color-code chat; while having separate boxes to set the 2 teams apart. Or just have 1 big chat box with 10 different colors? <this might be too complex.. even for me>

But definitely desire an easier chatting mechanic to chat with friends who are not in the game with you.

PS: My friend suggested chat bubbles for in-game chat... I dislike this idea but its his suggestion...