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[Platform] Bugsplat

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Hey testers, we are aware of the bugsplats affecting the PBE at this time and have engineers looking into them. The best thing you can do right now is to always hit "Send Report" when a Bugsplat occurs, be descriptive about what was happening when it occurred in the bugsplat ticket, and be patient with us. Thank you!

Yeah, i did do that. but it's really not the best thing to do since i've already gotten my first leaver/afker penalty lvl 1. I've sent many reports and even posted a forum about it .

To stress my point, i even reinstalled PBE, restarted my comp, tried custom ai and pvp, and it all bugsplats before loading screen appears. Now i've gotten a warning for it so i dont know what else to do but to rely on the forums and for the engineers to find a fix for it.

Like stardustdragon13 said
"This thread is for a fix to bug splat guys please I need your support. Many threads of bugsplat have been ignored and I want an Red to provide us with support as soon as possible. Help is really appreciated. i have submitted a support ticket many times but no admin has responded with a permanent fix."

I definitely agree with that ^.

please find a solution for this as soon as possible. It's been almost 2 weeks already since this issue has occurred.

Thank You.

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Technical Production Coordinator


Cherry, I understand your frustration and I want you to know that yours and others comments on the forums about the higher rate of crashing helped us to identify the problems and get engineers working on fixing them. We appreciate the players on the PBE very much for their time and effort. However I'd also like to remind you that the PBE is a place where we test new development and try to flush out crashes and bugs, and encountering issues like these is to be expected. You do not have to pay to play new champions and skins on the PBE, and in return we cannot commit to the same level of attention and quality that you would receive playing on our main servers. If you are experiencing a high rate of crashes, stick to custom games until the tide has passed - this is a good tip for playing on Live as well.

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Junior Member


funny i have the same problem exept i cant find a solution >.> only diference is that i play when i have 2 days off from work and can spare some time. but aparently i cant play at all now D:

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Senior Member


I was able to do the repro a couple of times, atleaast 50 to 60% of the games i played crashed this week.
As everyone here agrees, this must be fixed, but i see that Riot is already working on that.

I also should inform you that for me, it usually happens when everyone on every team have a skin, it's maybe a coincidence but i i feel i should atleast inform others about it.

Repro :
1) Start a 5v5 or 3v3 game normally
2) Select champion, lock in and choose a skin
3) Loading screen, everyone have a skin on every team
4)The loading screen closes, bugsplat message.

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HYM Pband

Junior Member


This happens every time I try to join a game and I'm fed up with it, I've tried everything but nothing has worked. This is really irritating me.

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Junior Member


Hi Admin (Iniquitee),
I have the same problem. I start league normally, go into champion select, then when the champion select timer runs out and we go to the loading screen my whole league just closes and bug-splat comes up.
ALSO: i am on the main North American server, so this is not only in PBE!!!
Pleaseeeee help!!!
Thanks coolcat99