Flash and the new escape penitential???

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recently been playing around with the new S3 and i have found numerous ways to decrease flash cooldown by a significant amount if you stack it up i haven't done the math(too lazy) but you can get the following

- 15 sec CDR (masteries)
- 10 % on summoner spells (all so masteries)
- 20 % flash, ghost and tele CDR (Elise's miracle) <---- spelling?

now this brings me back to a time where flash was a must have where it took you twice the length it does now and had a shorter cool-down. it seems to me that they are undoing some of the work they did. you can also achieve all these reductions without going too far into the utility tree and using up a item slot. i don't know if this has been covered before but i want to know what people think the item is fairly cheap (1100 gold) and goes away with all the effects as a passive after three levels. i see this being some what of a problem making some champs even slipperier. tops can become unkillable if the say grab these reductions and also a mercurial scimitar which is incredible for leaving fights. so have riot created a situation where we can build incredibly slippery champs without giving up damage or even resistances? and is it worth building into these sorts of things?
(sorry for run on sentences and grammar)

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Go look up Eleisa's Miracle. It doesn't affect Flash. I love this item so hard it's indecent but for different reasons.

The Distortion enhancement on S3 boots, however, does lower Flash cooldown. For champions with weak escapes otherwise, this can be a life saver. For champions with good escapes otherwise, is this the best possible upgrade you can buy for the game you're playing?

Moreover, with S3 Riot's trying to open up more variety in itemization. If you do well with crazy mobility and escapes, go for it. At the same time, if you're against a team with minimal CC, consider building differently since an anti-CC build will be underwhelming against them. There's a lot more room for flexibility with the new items and build paths. Read guides, pow-wow with other players, but ultimately experiment and figure out what works for you.