Desmond Ua Briain, Summoner and Scholar (Open RP)

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The Elusive

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The low-light of Desmonds office created a dim atmosphere about the medium sized room. The summoner sat at a creaky looking desk with piles of vellum, empty vials, and runic symbols scattered about. It was clear that the Highland mage pulled another all-nighter, deciphering runes from multiple sources. People like Ezreal who explored the dark corners of the earth were especially useful to the young scholar. They always brought back interesting tales and artifacts for him to look at. Ah, the life of a knowledge hungry mage.

A gloved hand reached to the side, palming for a half-empty vial. Garret wasn't even looking and had no proof that the vial wasn't some dangerous concoction, but without even batting an eye, he popped the cork and took a swig from the vial.

"Aaahh... That's the stuff."

Desmond had created an interesting mix of caffeine and other stimulants that formed a drink so energy filled that it could keep you up for days. Granted it wasn't healthy at all, and he wouldn't recommend drinking beyond three a day, but it did its job.

"I wonder what time it is..." Desmond stated, having lost track at the twenty-fifth hour.

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