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How to get out of ELO Hell

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Dodge 90% of your games. If it doesn't seem to be a guaranteed win, or the other team doesn't have troll picks, don't play that game.

It will take you a month to get out, maybe.

Of all the games I have played this season, the games I won, maybe 50% was good teamwork. The other 50% was someone disconnecting. Or a solo hero trying to 1v5 a team. Or a lane counter picking themselves after their opponent has been set.

Everyone has a bad game, but I see no point in trying when you know going into a match, that a lane has a high probability of losing at champ select. Just dodge the game, go make a sandwich, and save your elo rating.

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1. you should relook ur rune
2. if you play ur game well...you can carry ur team till like elo:1400-1500
3. its just....a race to whoever is fed the fastest win... in 1200