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I normally play volibear and really like him he is very tanky but can actually land kills and solo some people. with that being said I have been trying to play nautulis because i do like is skill set but he just doesn't seem to be able to land a kill against anyone. Could I get some feedback on how to play him on this map, maybe some build ideas.
Happy New Years to everyone.

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Imo he was a bit easier to play on TT in S2 when HoG was still around and defensive items were more efficient, but whatever.

You want to prioritize CDR on Naut, since he relies on spamming his abilities. Anything that offers tankiness and CDR is great.
Ideally, you want to get his cooldown on Titan's Wrath to be around the same time as the duration at max rank. With capped CDR the cooldown is around 10.8 seconds, while the duration is 10 which isn't too bad.

Fiendish Codex is a nice early item on Naut for damage.
Sheen is pretty nice on him as well and can be built into Iceborn Gauntlet.
Glacial Shroud gives him everything he wants and I would try to get this ASAP.
I wouldn't bother with an item like RoA, since many games can end before Naut gets full use out of it, plus it offers no CDR.

Early game is gonna be rough no matter what, which is why items like Kage's Lucky Pick or Philo (just 1 of them is all that's necessary) can come in handy (particularly if you're bot lane or jungle). Try to get to level 4 as soon as possible, and sometimes you have to let your teammates know not to force fights until you can hit lvls 4-6. After level 4 (rank 2 Titan's Wrath) Naut can both farm and gank like a boss.

You just have to do your best not to die before getting a core item or two, which is easier said than done on TT, especially since most opponents will have an early advantage.

He's strong late game, even on TT.
However, it's getting there that can be the challenge, especially with how much stronger offensive itemization is this season.