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Another Year in Valoran [Open RP]

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Ask Talon



Ask the Strings:
♪I was hoping that wouldn't end in sparks,♪ Sona remarked, ♪I'm pretty sure she had an off switch.♪

"So you were secretly hoping for the missiles. I can't blame you, everyone loves explosions."

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Ask TheThorns

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LeBlanc looked over at the Lulu-bot. She smiled at it and tilted her head. "Lulu-bot, I have an inquiry. If purple is red and red is green, how then why is purple therefore yellow? There is an answer to this, and I need to know it before you can continue forth."

She looked over at Zyra and let out a light titter. "Is it even possible to get a plant drunk?" The Deceiver reached over and tapped the Mistress of Thorn's shoulder. "It seems you are more human than I originally believed. Tell me, how did you enjoy the wine? Would you like some more?"

Zyra frowns and looks up at LeBlanc, she hiccups,
"Not human."
She then grins a little,