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Which of these 3 Junglers do you think is best?

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I play Mumu and Mao quite successfully

Mumu, lets start by saying he is NOT broken. He's harder to gank early game with but he does more damage than Mao. I never "safe pick" mumu. I pick him based on how much melee the other team has and if we have a katarina or MF he's a great pick too. You dont want to pick him if your bot support has no CC of their own either or you'll get no early gank for your carry. Harder to play

Mao is an amazing jungler, can clear his jungle in faster than 4 mins and his early game ganking is amazing. If you initiate with twisted, wait for the snare to wear off and then arcane smash straight away, you can lock them down for a very long time though its only one target and its does less damage than mumu. He's great for squishier teams too as his ult absorbs damage from team mates. Easier to play

Who has the early game ganking and jungle speed of mao and the late game team fights and damage of mumu though? Nautilus, an amazing jungler. Hardest to master