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@Riot : Some suggestions...

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Hello, I am a player who is tired of many trolls, even at the ranked game.

Before i start talking about my actual suggestions I need to say few things. Playing game is meant to be entertaining and fun for the player and the others who play with him / her. This should not be stressful, and that is why most of games try to create better interfaces, fun stories, and etc. The problem is that there are people who disturb the players who try to have some fun by doing this thing called, trolling. This sounds quite silly, even from the name "troll", but this is a serious matter. There are many problems that comes from trolls. First, they lower the quality of a game, no matter what kind it is. Second, they disturb many players who just want to have fun, not be trolled by those trolls. Third, it is just not right, because what are you (trolls)? You do not have any right to disturb other people.

Now, in order to prevent trolls I came up with some suggestions, like functions that players can use against trolls.
1. Troll ban suggestion (Lobby)
Players should be given a function that they can ban a troll from a game and simply restart another. The chat-log of this lobby must be provided, so the judges can decide whether this case is a troll case or not. The vote must be the majority agreeing (excluding the reported player). Now, the problem is that some people may abuse this function by 3 people or more grouping and keep banning trolls. This can be regulated by disabling a troll ban function if 3 or more people start the game together. But what if one of two or the last one really is a troll? If three people started a game and there was a troll, the other person can use the troll ban function to start a vote. If there are four people grouped to play and there is a troll there will be a function that they can all cancel the game if four of them agree to quit. Now the punishment should be something that can prevent trolls from trolling, and I came up with some suggestions.

Punishment is simple: Lowering player's level by 10. This is to prevent players from trolling at ranked so many times. But what if the troll is level 10 or below (because 10 - 10 is 0)? Then the player who is reported will be banned from the game for that amount of days. For example, if a level 5 player is banned the calculation is 5-10 = -5, so 5 days of ban will be given. But what if the player is level 10? Then the player who is reported will be given half of a day (12 hours) of ban from the game. Now, you may be worrying about people abusing this function. i.e.) trolls trolling with this ban function. This will be also prevented by applying similar penalty to a false report. It will be ok for maximum one false report per day, because maybe only you do not like the troller, but if two false report reaches (btw the number will reset every day), then the reporter will be banned from the game for a day.

-The report review
Whether the ban was successful or not, the case will be on tribunal, in order to find out if this is truly a troll case. Both reporter and a troll will be on a vote. True report will not take any action, and a false report will follow Punishments rule.