Looking For Duo Parters (skype) 1350~

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Hey guys I am currently at 1373 elo, 8 wins and 6 losses from solo queue. I was looking into adding some people to get on skype and do some duo queues. I can play just about any mid ap champs, and can jungle well. I am not so good @ bottom, though, recently, I have been playing Volibear (mainly support bot) and have been doing exceptionally well so if it is needed, I can bot. (about 10 wins and 1 loss as Voli, including some games as top).

Add me in game, datsnakeatmid ... I am free for the next few hours then I have to go to my gf's house for new years.

I perfer you to have skype, for better commuication. Thanks, have a nice day.