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The sum of all ...?

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You know, I don't think I've ever played a game like LoL before. I've never seen so many people play a game, and not want to win. The amount of intentional feeding and trolling in ranked, is ridiculous. I'd say it's more frequent in ranked games than non-ranked games tbh. I've got 700 wins normal, and just started playing ranked. Probably less than 20 games, and literally every 2nd or 3rd game, there's someone who intentionally feeds.

They didn't get their lane. They didn't get their champion. They didn't get to ban who they want to. They got yelled at for feeding regardless. Someone so much as spoke to them in a tone they don't like. ****, I can go on and on about how many people are feeders and there's no point to it, but trolls gon be trolls.

Oh and the tribunal? What a waste of time and effort that **** is. League has what, 25? 35 million people playing it? You'd have to ban/suspend such a large chunk of players to even make a difference. So why bother reporting when the trolls know they can troll 2 or 3 games a day, and not get punished. Know why they won't get punished? Cause if there's so many trolls playing the game. Who do you think operates the tribunal? -.- What a broken system and broken game. I've played a lot of games both competitively and recreationally and I can say hands down that the LoL community is BY FAR the worst, bar none. People are dicks. Like I said, there's more people that don't want to win, than do want to win. But what's the point of games anyhow right?

If you're playing with friends, that's great, if you have 5 of them. But there's even been times when if the enemy team has a troll/feeder and the game is such a facepalm, it's not fun anyway cause it's so easy and boring and everyone's mad. Successful troll is successful?

You don't see such a negative community in other games, SC2, D3, WoW, GW2 (a bit in pvp but that's it), **** even CoD and CS, to name a few popular ones, aren't this bad. League of Legends my ass, League of Trolls should be the new name.

That's not to say Riot isn't trying. The Tribunal does help in some cases, and I have to admit that ever since Riot added in the option to honor team mates and opponents, there has been a general rise in player cohesion and friendliness. But you know that most people (considering everyone and their dog begs for honor at the end of a game -.-) are doing it just so they CAN get honored and show off the little ribbon they'll eventually get.

Now don't take this 100% the wrong way, I'm not saying "Oh everyone's a troll and no one likes to win and no one tries." Because there are people that do try to win, actually have teamwork skills and are decent human beings and play a game to *gasp* have fun and win. Crazy right? I know. But amidst the normal gamers are an annoying horde of people that love to **** with other people left and right. Like I said, one of the, if not THE worst communities I've ever played in. I know there isn't a solution to this and it won't get a red post but I don't need one regardless, and a lot of people will think I'm simply ranting, but hey. I know I'm not the only one who thinks the exact same way.

PS. While I'm on my soap box. Dear Riot: Stop taking a skin, copy pasting that **** into paint, changing the hue of the whole image, and then reposting it as a new skin at 975 RP. Don'tbeso****ingstingy. You make enough money as it is. You've got amazing artists who can take yes up to 11-12 hours sometimes, but I've seen art spotlights that are only a few hours and are galactic****inglightyears ahead of simply changing the color of the background *cough* kennen, xerath etc. *cough* so smarten the **** up, grab a dude, give him a redbull and sit him the **** down with his little tools so you guys can actually earn the money we relentlessly throw at you.

And give the people in Australia and New Zealand a little ****ing attention.

OH AND ANOTHER THING Mr. Riot: Winter wards but no winter map? I wonder who the trolls get ideas from.


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This is the real world on the internet. People are ****tards who say whatever they want because it's the internet. There are no filters here. No game you listed in your post is a free to play game. This is a free game, with no cost to create accounts. If you don't like that, go play another game. *******s play free games to troll. Oh noes. Who would've thunk it?