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New to jungle

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Roamin Hands

Junior Member


I want to try jungling but not sure as to which champ i should use. My main two champs are Diana and Kassadin, i really like their ability to jump in at enemies, but that is pretty much the limit as to champs I have played. Any suggestions as to which champs I should try for jungling would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone could link me a good guide

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You could try Warwick, Dr. Mundo, or even Nocturne. I have also seen plenty of Diana jungles. Just look up some guides for champs that you want to jungle with. When I first started jungle, I used WW because he was the main person I saw in the jungle in normal games. Shaco and Olaf are also really fun jungles. Sometimes Shaco is a bit difficult to use if you don't know how to play him.

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When I was new to jungle, First champ I used was ww. He has fairly good sustain and his ultimate is good for ganking. Other great junglers include nocturne,Rengar, and diana(although I never used Diana before for jungle. It is seen though.). If you ever need any tips on common routes and itemization just add me in game. IGN: DarkDango

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Senior Member


If it's the appeal of diving that you want, Xin Zhao is a decent sustain jungle with a dive and is not blue dependant like diana so you can jungle without hurting your mid lane.

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If you're looking for a pretty good starting jungler, Nunu is a good pick. You can learn the basics that way. He has a built-in Smite, basically, his Bloodboil helps with clear times and the snowball is great with ganks. He's also pretty cheap to pick up if you don't have him already.

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Leetpants McGee

Junior Member



OVERVIEW: since you're familiar with Diana, familiar with the playstyle and itemization, you could play Diana jungle. the rune setup, masteries, and itemization that you choose all depend on if you want to build a more tanky diana, a diana that does more burst damage, or more AP heavy.

diana is a pretty strong jungler, clear time is fairly fast, she does a lot of burst damage, only downfall is that because she doesnt have a gap closer until level 6, you have to rely on great positioning and using your E (moonfall) to get off early game ganks.

rune setup 1:
9x attack speed marks
9x armor seals
9x mr/level glyphs
9x AP quints

attack speed marks are for the fast jungle clears, flat armor for jungling, mr scaling so you scale better into the late game, and flat AP quints so you can clear early jungle camps.

rune setup 2:
9x magic pen marks
9x armor seals
9x mr/level gylphs
9x AP quints

only difference is the magic pen marks instead of attack speed. jungle clear time isnt as fast, but deal more damage and scale better into mid/late game with the magic penetration.

mastery setup 1:
9-21-0 - tanky setup with some AP/magic pen, with 21 points into defense for a more tanky build, better sustain, and easier jungling

mastery setup 2:
21-9-0 - AP heavy build with 9 points into defense for health and tough skin

mastery setup 3:
9-12-9 - magic pen, health tough skin, mana, runic affinity - a more all around build where you get the AP/magic pen, you get the health and armor, as well as the mana regen and runic affinity for jungle buffs.

skill build:
start off with a point in W, max Q first, only one point in E at level 4, then max W second.
W, Q, Q, E, Q, R, etc..

when you initiate a fight, start off with W (pale cascade shield), then Q (crescent strike) on them, R (lunar rush) onto them, then E (moonfall) when they start to run away, then R (lunar rush) again to close the gap.

jungle routes:
there are two main jungling paths that you can take as diana

1. aggressive, quick level 3 gank -
skill order: W - Q - E (quick point into moonfall so you can close the gap and hopefully kill with the gap closer and red buff)
start wolves -> blue buff (smiteless leash) -> small wraiths -> red buff (smite)
you hit level 3 after the red buff, still have 2-3 pots left, and are able to get off a quick gank at level 3

2. passive, level 4 gank:
skill order: W - Q - Q- E
start wolves - blue buff (smite) - small wraiths -> big golems -> red buff (smite) -> small wraiths
you hit level 4 after this path, have 1-2 pots left, have two points into Q (crescent strike) and can do damage!!

-always start machete, 5 pots
-first back, try and get 850 gold, so you can get boots and spirit stone
-you can get some early game doran rings (at most 2, for early mana regen, AP, and health for jungle clear)
-upgrade spirit stone into spirit of the spectral wraith for the AP,CDR, spellvamp sustain
-sorcerer boots for the magic pen, deal more damage, as well as run faster for easier ganks
-by the time you get sorc boots and the spectral wraith (only real item difference between a mid diana/jungle diana), you can build diana like any other AP mid diana.
-if the opponents team is more AP heavy: pick up Abyssal Scepter for the MR and MR reduction
-if the opponents team is more AD heavy: zhonya for the armor and zhonya sustain
-if your team needs more damage: rabadon deathcap or liandry's torment for the AP/magic pen
-if your team needs more sustain/tanky: aegis for the armor, MR, and damage buffs

If you have any questions about jungling, feel free to add me in game and I would be more than happy to help you with anything ya' need!