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Tl/dr The slums of elo

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This is probably a thread posted every day, but just imagine, playing your favorite sport as a kid. You learn about it, read about it, even watch people play it. So you play as well, and you decide to play in "ranked" versions of this sport (stay with me, there's a point, i promise). But when you play ranked, you get paired up with people that just "play" the sport, players that are not dedicated as hard as you are. You decide to cope with it, play with them, coach them through it. But no, they wont have it, they just want to play ranked as if it was a pick up game.

I have been trying to get out of "elo hell" on my account for MONTHS, trying to support, top, mid, jungle, even my worst role as adc. But no matter what i would say 19/20 games i play, people not only feed (which isn't even a problem) but have no idea what to do after they feed. I give direction with mostly replies of "shut up, i know what to do" and simply make mistake after mistake after mistake. There are few dedicated players in my elo that really strive to get that high elo spot.

From hours of streams and videos i have watched my definition of a gold elo player would be this: A player who has mastered at least one role, however, can play almost every single one, while at the same time knows team coordination and fundamentals of the game (i.e. item build countering, CS, team fight role, ect.)

I really wish i could share my concerns for the dedicated MANY in "Elo hell". But i'm not just here to complain, i have so many ideas that could make the lower half of the elo system so much better, things such as role picking before game (a meta queue), or somewhere you can select if you feel capable of being the ban selector. There are so many tools we could use to get these players out of "elo hell".

My name is samskie, my elo currently is 1080, i play amazing games, i watch, i learn, i'm flexible with my role, please riot, help me with my goal of playing with people that are as dedicated as me!

TL/DR I have low elo because of undedicated players and have amazing ideas to improve the lower elo system!