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Can't even play like this....

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Yup, another thread about how playing purple team BLOWS. I can't do anything -_- I'm a decent player but i lose track of my character on purple team and sometimes click the buttons on my action bars when trying to walk. It is super frustrating and it makes the game very unenjoyable being at a disadvantage from the start of the game.

The human eyes are trained to read and observe from the top down, not the other way around, so idk if maybe im just dumb, but i get confused and sometimes even dizzy playing where all of the major things i need to see are at the bottom left hand corner of my screen.

Please fix this or let me pick blue team all the time. Thanks!

Love you Riot,


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"Decent player"
"Can't do anything on purple team"
"Lose track of character"
Omg...my sides....