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Need a duo

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Hi Im Bamf

Senior Member


This is getting ridiculous. I had 1319 elo. I lost 1 game. I went down to 1270 Lost another 1200 etc etc i actually got down to 1050 elo.. But now im back up to 1159 elo and i need help getting out of this retarded trolling idiotic ignorant kids, who can't play with anything. Please someone add me so we can duo. And please to god get me out of this Elo hell.

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or maybe your just bad

Edit:121 CS in 50 minutes laneing darius? Ya bro you definitely deserve a higher elo, I'm bronze (~1k) and they get higher cs in that amount of time, come on

Your average K/D/A
Mine(~1k elo)

Sure K/D/A doesn't matter, but you can't go positive or equal any game