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But no seriously though BamDragon, could you give us your thoughts of Talon's passive? Might you have any insight as to why it was designed the way it was, contradicting with his kit entirely?

Also how do you feel about his upcoming nerfs to his early/mid game, where he needs his power? His E is getting fixed, thus his late game is going to be buffed because of the percentage increase, but in early/mid game his base damage (and rumor has it his ratios) will be reduced. All AD casters are dependent on their early/mid in order to snowball, especially assassins, and especially Talon.
i wish i could answer this, but the design and technical things of champions is def not my area!!!

Art/Animation is where i live my friends...that being said....i love what Talon can be in season 3!

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Excuse me, Mr. BamDragon, would you mind teaching me how to make high quality pictures and animate things, please?

I think that it would be fun, and I am a fan of yours and Riot Silver's.