Season 3 thoughts and concerns

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I know it's still kinda early into season 3, but with how the changes happened it's becoming very clear how it's going to turn out when all is said and done if it pursues it's current direction.

Even more League of Bruiser.

For someone who can't stand playing bruisers, this is a horrible thing. It's completely nullifying some champions and making them worthless. Assassins that aren't AD and can get black cleaver are negligable because everyone has too much hp/defenses to burst down anymore.

Taking an AP mid is pointless now too. Used to be they had the advantage early game, mid game was bruiser territory and late game ADC's demolished. Now it's Bruiser all the way through and ADC's can do damage late game if no one hits them.

What that has also done is removed one of my favorite roles to play: Tank. There's no such thing a straight tank anymore! You have to be a bruiser if you want to be in the frontline. My favorite thing to do was build super OP regen builds on dr. mundo and run around never dying.

(no joke you could get over 2k hp/5 regens np) But now, they've removed tank only items and made them get vaporized and added in to other parts of items. Come on riot! I thought the point was to add versatility, not limit!

Also, am I the only one who CANT NOT STAND the jungle now? Yeah, you can clear it, yeah you can do ok in it. However, it basically removed a lot of champs that used to be able to do it and more so than that, specific champs are still doing what they were trying to "fix" which is immediatly putting pressure on lanes. With that being said, it also made super huge tiers of junglers now. Some of them being so much better than others, the others might as well not even be in the game. I went from enjoying playing every roll to despising 2 of the roles and refusing to play anything other than ADC, support, or mid.

I'm going to continue playing, but with all the changes, I'm rapidly losing interest. I'm all for change, and I agree that it needed some variation to the same ol' meta but this change was not good.

There's a couple ways to fix it I think:
1.) overall, lower the amount of hp you get off of items. - you don't combat mistakes by making another mistake.- all this was doing was allowing champs who got benefits for having high hp become over powered.
=== with this, I think it would more or less fix the problem with mid's================

2.) Remove the stupid "melee only" and "ranged" only items. It only limits people and makes the items specifically geared towards certain people. You can't tell me that the hydra wasn't made for fiora....

3.) Remove all the stupid enchants with the boots and revert the move speed's back to where they were. Also, add the move speed bonus FoN had to Warmogs. Allowing move speed with hp and regen should be fine since there's no defenses going with it.

1.) remove the stupid hunters machete- this item sticks you with being forced to take it. Give better alternatives! make items that upgrade into other tiers of items. For example: make a lower level of thornmail that you can get at level 1 to help people like rammus out who don't really benefit all that much from attack damage. Then give an offensive item that is geared towards clearling quicker but taking more damage. (probably for ww or udyr) and then make one that gives a small dot like the upgraded haunting guise does, and lastly an item that increases movespeed and gives extra % damage (all of the mentioned items adding a lower % of damage than the machete). If this were to happen, it would open up possibilities for other junglers, and at the same time would allow for different builds instead of just forcing the jungler to take the ****ty machete.

2.) Reduce the main camp monsters health and just put a small buff on all the monsters that reduces aoe damage by a small amount.