Feedback for my Vi Guide

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Hi guys! i made a vi guide and i would like some feedback if its great. i am also looking for suggestions onto how to improve it please give me feed back! heres the link!

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Okay, here we go.

Overall I think your knowledge on Vi is good, but your jungling knowledge in general may need some work.

"Boots are not as important anymore.." This is not really true, the nerf to boots really only affects really early level. Most lanes pick up boots on their first back. AND Getting mobility boots in the jungle is a necessity if you want to be a large factor in the game.

As for builds I have no problem really with anything you have there except for the neglect to put in Sunfire Cape, TriForce, and Blade of the Ruined King, but I dont find those to be glaring mistakes.

I will say though, finishing wriggles is a huge mistake, you only gain the lifesteal, over madreds; which from me playing her basically non-stop since her release has shown to be negligible. You clear camps fast enough, you get enough health, and your shield helps with sustain. also with the frequency you should be ganking and getting involved in fights is going to make sustain less of an issue.

Also, starting with W to me has been better so far, while you dont get the shield, or AoE damage. you do amazing single target damage and it makes giving you a smiteless leash MUCH more appealing, it also enables a red start which I havent experimented with much, but looks pretty promising. And since you are getting help with your first two camps you dont really need the AoE clear at all.

Another Skill leveling that I have been trying is leveling Q second. It reduces the CD substantially and increases the base damage by HUGE amounts, making ganking and CC'ing incredibly easy and taking Exhaust actually really strong. The reasoning is because in most gank situations your not getting a substantial amount of autos off, so your W damage, and AS buff really dont pay dividends where as your Q makes the damage CRAZY. I've only had success maxing W if I try to rush some early dragons.

As far as your build goes, this is what I've been doing and have been having incredible success.
Back on around 1400 gold if possible picking up Mobos and Madreds.
If you dont need to be tankier get a brutalizer followed up by giants belt.
Finish your giants belt into either Sunfire, or Randiuns.
Finish Black Cleaver.

All that is core, I've been finding the next items to be very situational, but consider a Tri-force and Blade of the Ruined King as VERY good. Basically, build as tanky as you need to be, get AD if you need to burst down a carry, and get AS/AD if you need to stay in a fight and DPS down bruisers.

Also, get more experience in general, and dont be afraid to experiment, you need knowledge of matchups and jungle in general it seems.

Good start though, I hope I was constructive and not to harsh gl.