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Conectivity/ lag Issues

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Yesterday afternoon I was playing league ranked solo queue I had played maybe 3 game and had absolutely no lag, on the the 4th game though as i got into game and was running to position i started lagging. The reactions of my champ (kog Maw) were slow and sluggish, when i clicked for Kog to run somewhere there would be a time delay of when i clicked and when he actually moved, then it would be fine for like 1 min then after that my screen would lock up and it would say attempting to reconnect, and my champ would be locked where he was or if i clicked far ahead of me he would just keep walking forward this would go for like 15 secs every time it happened. This got me killed so much and ruined a game strait from the start. Was also disappointed at the amount of verbal abuse i got about something that wasn't even in my control, enough rage form both team there to make me not want to play the rest of the night.

So finally i got so frustrated between the lag, dying, and the verbal abuse I was getting from my team and the other team I decided to restart league and my router to see if this would help. Even after doing that i reconnected and was it was still lagging so eventually my team lost :/ and i probably got reported by all players in the lobby.. After that horrendous match i called it quits for the night...

Now today when I log into League when im at the home page or try to click on the store or my profile and it pops up with an error window comes up saying i have timed out of the server and that it might cause a problem logging in... so my only option is to log out, and when i re log in i get the same message..

I'm so confused i have been playing league for over a year now on my computer and have never had issues playing. I double checked to make sure my firewall was letting league through and that was fine, i have once again restated my router and that doesn't work. My internet is not lagging for other functions like web surfing or star craft 2 I don't know where to go from here. "(-_-) any help would be great.

Sorry about the long post but i would sure love some help with these horrrrible lag issues i am having THANK YOU!!!