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Looking for a Duo partner

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So ive been playing LoL for about 2 years now. I got to level 30 a few months before season 2 ended. At that time I was a jungler and foolishly thought i could play in ranked on the first day i hit 30. Boy was i wrong. After playing a bunch of ranked games i found myself in a small dilema i wound up extremely low elo.

After getting myself stuck in about 600 elo i stopped and decided to practice up until season 3. I did. I no longer jungle. I now play adc about 70% of the time unless i find my self out picked. I play a very strong caitlyn and am improving on Ezreal. I will be picking up Mf soon who im very strong with as well and i can also play tristana and ashe at moderate levels. I hope to be able to join a team but in this elo(990 so about 1k) i know no one will take me.

The point being is Im stuck. Im not playing terribly either, and I know most people will say im sure that you do something wrong every game, but the fact is i play very strong each game and find myself with teamates who throw the game or are trolls or something. Just to ensure people that im not joking i recently played a game as Ez where i had the most amazing supp soraka my team was utterly dominating early but failed to protect me and because im trying to kill the people they let jump on me(allistar and an ashe who just waltz to the back line) i was ridiculed. I ended that game 19 and 3 but alass lost.

All im looking for is someone around the lower end of 1k who would like to duo back to silver elo. if your interested just send me a friend request and me on leauge my username is Ventu5. (ps its meant to be Ventus as a kingdom hearts reference)