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Help with teamfighting/pushing

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I usually play with 2-3 friends in games and a common issue is that, although we may perform well in lane, we do poorly in teamfights or we find ourselves unable to push out of fear of giving them gold. What do you do in situations where it's 5v5 and they're not in dangerous position? Usually I don't feel confident pushing to their tower and forcing a teamfight because it's very easy to give up easy kills and turn the game around. However, if we turtle we sometimes let a hero on the other team get too farmed leaving us disadvantaged. Should we just hide in jungle and try to pick a straggler off or force a fight at their tower?

Another issue is dealing with tanks. Focusing them is obviously not a good idea but it's an issue when the other champions are much further away and we're forced to dive into 2+ champions in order to focus the squishies. Usually they back up and we end up scattered and it actually leaves us in a far worse position as they pick us off one by one. Or we might end up diving because only one or two dive in and get focused down. Should we just run right past the tank even if he's doing some damage and try to burst down the squishies?