Looking for friendly, skilled, TT players.

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Fants E Pants

Junior Member


I'm not looking for a ranked team or anything, I just want some buddies that I can invite to play some blind pick TT. Every game I play I have the worst team ever. A Darius that goes 1/10/0, a Jax that goes 1/10/0, you know. Anyways, a bit about myself:

- I have a very aggressive play-style, which usually means I get a lot of deaths but I do insane amounts of damage in team-fights. (Meaning by the time I'm dead, another teammate will have a triple kill.)

- Champions you'll see me play often: Xin Zhao, Volibear, Riven, Pantheon, Lee Sin, Katarina,
Jax, and Diana.

- I have a Skype, so if we become regular gaming acquaintances, I will add you.

My summoner name is Fants E Pants.
I hope to play with some of you soon!