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Want a friendly community of mature people to play with? We may be what you are looking for!
We are a small group of gamers, that are looking for more people to get involved in our community. We currently play many various games. League of Legends (We hope to start an official Ranked team soon), Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft and more. We hope to greatly grow and expand our groups, in numbers and quality, as well as other games.
We have two Teamspeak servers, for public use. There are separate channels for each game, and even the availability for users to create new custom channels for other games, or for private chatting.

We are NOT a 'clan' that requires any kind of application process, or has a strict ranking structure. We are some friends looking for others to game with, and hopefully grow into something greater! There is NO age requirement. We only ask that you are mature, polite and respect to others in the Teamspeak server and in a game. Further rules will be posted in the Teamspeak server.

If you are interested, feel free to join our TS3 server at any time. All timezones are welcome, however you MUST speak English.

For identification purposes, and to get to know you quicker, please fill out the following information in a reply. This is not mandatory, but it is extremely helpful, and also helps the post stay alive on this forum.

Real First Name:
Username or IGN (That you would like to go by):

TS3 Server 1:
TS3 Server 2: [Coming Soon]
Website: [Coming Soon]