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What are the most banned champs and why?

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Shen: his ult can save people from a gank make a 2v2 a 3v2. Plus it increases with HP which is extremely easy, his taunt is huge in teamfights, can splitpush all the time and ult in a teamfight when needed

Amumu: His ult is gamechanging

Malphite:Good against most top laners, his ult initate is extremely good, plus his AS debuff on the enemy adc is good as well

Blitz:1 grab is all you need to win a game, and he makes laning against him such a pain

Katarina: She gets banned every once in a while due to her passive reset, makes her huge in cleaning up a team fight

Talon/Panth: They are banned every once in a while, they destroy most mid laners with the new S3 items

Eve: sometimes is banned, global pressure, and she can one shot your adc or apc and in teamfights her ult makes her pretty tank

**Alistar isnt worth a ban nowdays, he's been nerfed a lot, and the new S3 jungle was an indirect nerf to him as well

Thx for the awesome post! I would like to add Elise, Nunu, ezreal, caitlyn. When i ad I ban bot lanes. I know, I'm selfish.