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LFT Around 1400s Ranked 5's

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Gi Stallion

Junior Member


IGN: Gi Stallion
Current Elo: 1325
Highest: 1441
Roles: Top, ADC, Support
I'm probably best at support, but can do top and carry fairly well. I know I'm not the best and looking for a team to grow with.

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Senior Member


I like your forum name and your in game name. xD

We have just what you're looking for at dirtnap gaming.
Sign up, poke around our league forums and our looking for group section.
We've got a lot of people looking for teams and teammembers.

Oh! Also! Join us on teamspeak @
I'll be "Lea" on teamspeak, but you can also add me in game if you have questions.

Hope to see you around, have fun!~