Fresh Ranked Player looking for 5's team

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I played a little ranked last season and a little more this but nothing much. I can fill practically any role and am more than welcome to suffer all insults, as I see it as constructive criticism. My solo Que rank is only 1100 - something simply because I usually duo with friends for fun and my friends aren't that great, and I have only played 43 games, (22/21 win/loss). I prefer jungling the most or toplane. I also like support. '
I'm 17 with P11's (ps3 headset but it's USB so I can use it for the computer.) And I use skype.

My recent game history probably will look horrible because I don't really care about normals. I'm down to play a game to prove my skill in any role you want me to play and if I'm not good enough then I'll keep looking.

Thanks guys. Cya.