[Guide] How to counter Veigar. [Newer players]

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Taco the Dragon

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Veigar is the strongest single shot mage in the game, easily topping 2 thousand damage with just two spells. He can easily kill almost any champion in very little time without much reaction from them.


Q: Veigar fires a ball of energy dealing medium damage.
Don't let Veigar farm. Be aggressive and have wards around to prevent the jungler, or any other ganks get you while you harass him. Remember, Veigar is very squishy.

W: Veigar, after a delay, makes a large meteor of darkness crash into the ground dealing huge damage.
This... isn't very hard to dodge. It's the stun that gets people. Read the spell below.

E: Veigar creates a gate, that stuns you when you try to walk through it.
This is what kills people, when Veigar gets them inside, they try to get out, resulting in Veigar unloading and making them explode. While you are inside, just run around inside until the spell wears out. This will allow you to dodge his W and hopefully get away.

R: Veigar fires a blast of energy that basically makes you blow the f*ck up.
Be aware when he uses his ult, and take note when it will be up again. Without his ult, it's much more difficult to kill others. His ult usually has a cool down of around 1 minute, so be wary and keep your distance.

As a Veigar player, and how people usually say, "Wait... what just happened?" "Wth Veigar? What is your ap? 9000?" I bet for lower players he is a big pain.

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ok veigar is a 1 trick pony. he stuns then unloads his combo on you which will instantly kill almost anything.

the way to stop veigar is to not get stunned, but here are some tips


1) people who can blink (like katarina, le blanc, etc) can blink after the stun so dark matter will miss which negates a lot of damage

2) if veigar is walking towards you, he is probally going to try to stun and instagib you.....so don;t keep running away or you will walk into the stun. 99% of the time the veigar you are against won;t be good enough to drop it event horizon on you and will cast it a little ahead so you have to walk into it while you are running away.

3) veigar is very mana hungry early on and he will use his q to farm since it gives him extra ap. use this to your advantage and harass the **** out of him. if he uses it to trade harass, he isn't getting ap.

4) his full combo at level 6 will take 70 mana for rank 3 baleful strike, 70 mana for rank 1 dark matter, 80 mana for rank 1 event horizon, and 125 mana for rank 1 primordial blast. thats 345 mana. considering he is going to use his q every time its cooldown is over so he can farm ap he should be low on mana. if he stops q'ing minions for a while its becasue he is gathering mana to unleash his combo so be careful (think annie with her stun ready)

5) banshees veil or quick silver sash. i hate seeing tbanshee on people when i play veigar. that means i can't open with my stun and instagib you so i have to do some **** like q you first. this 1) takes away from my burst and 2) if i open with a q its going to be a lot harder to land my stun because i'd have to drop it right on top of you because your so close and probally fighting me back.
qss means if i open with stun you will just get out of it.