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Idea for a LoL/Dragon Age crossover

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POV will be Irelia taking the place normally occupied by female human noble.

Basically, Darkspawn invade out of the southern Plague Jungles and threaten all of Runeterra.

A joint coalition of nations, led by King Jarvan III of Demacia heads the defense of the Mogron Pass.

Story starts with Noxus doing what it does best: Invading Ionia. Zelos is away with most of the Ionian Military in the South, so its up to Irelia to save her homeland!

Long story short, she fails miserably and would have gotten killed if not for the timely intervention of Duncan and/or Soraka. S/he tells Irelia that Ionia can't face Noxus alone and needs the help of the other nations. Irelia goes South to meet Jarvan Sr. and beg him for help but the old man refuses because he has to defeat the Darkspawn first. Irelia joins the Grey Wardens expecting her service to be a cheap price for their aid in liberating her homeland.

Good plans go bad and Zaun poison bombs the entire battlefield before retreating.

That's what i've come up with so far.

Anyone got some other ideas or thoughts?

I'm still torn on whether or not I should just replace all the characters or add some of them.