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Hi there!

I finally decided to get back into ranked recently but a lot of my friends don't have the time to play anymore (and one even swore off ranked because he rages too hard ) So i'm looking for new people to queue up with.

I main supports (my favorites at the moment being janna, sona, nami, and lulu) but i know the mechanics for every role and can play at least 3 champions in all of them except jungle. But to be honest, if i never had to jungle ever, i'd be pretty happy

Right now i'm 2/2 in solo queue ranked and least season i barely made it to 1500, so i'm not claiming to be a god-tier player by any means, but i'd love to learn to be <3

If you're interested, please add me in game and on skype (i'd prefer if you had skype so we could communicate) Xite91 for both, when you look me up on skype, i'll be Archer

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Also, pictures added for relevance (the one with janna taric and lux is recent, the other not so much)