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Riot do you try to "fix" anything?

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Obscure bugs/glitches... mostly play tryndamere... more on this later... such as the clueless nerfs and Riot's inability to balance his early game(what real early game?)... so they just nerf the H E double hockey sticks out of him...

But really tired of Riot blaming ISPs for THEIR client/server issues. As per THEIR client, my ping is generally around 90 ping (give or take with how many out of USA players are in the match... which DOES affect how my ping ranges... idc what riot says... i can prove it over and over) But 90 ping is fine considering im east coast... but when my champ STOPS moving/swinging with 90ping and 60 fps solid.. it's not on my end... I have played countless mmo's and have a custom built rig with 25 meg cable isp and i do not "lag" on any other game... period... i can ping google flawlessly 30ish ping 100% trans... pinging riot however... ping times out and 100% data loss... have tried every "fix" which does nothing and this "lag/glitch" comes and goes betweeen matches... For the time i have invested and money spent this is unacceptable service. I know im the only one who experiences these things. I have seen several posts on isssues that fall on deaf ears. and IF LoL was a monthly sub game they would likely see sever drops in subs. over issues such as these.

Now, as for tryndamere... a fun champ with highs and lows... but the nerfs are unbelievable... Q heal amount nerfed hard and cd raised... spins range was shortened and cd raised also damage is pathetic... ult duration fluctuates from 1-3 seconds and fails to go off estimated 40% of the time below 40% hp... if you expect to get it off you have to spam R at 50% hp... guessing this is a client issue... fury amount gained is too low... Ren can gain fury about 3 times faster... Chicken is buggy... will somtimes slow when champs are sideways from your perspective and not when they are facing away... as it is supposed to do.

Tryndamere is very hard to play against a good team with any CC and throw in ignite and he is ultimatly dead 8 of 10 times ignite damages more than Q can gain... and this in early games pretty much nulls Trynda. Tryda is more affected by ignite then any other champ in game... Also he is more item dependant than most any champ in game... Sure he is "almost" unstoppable IF fed... but so are alot of champs... so why the hard nerfs? because low elo or noobies cant figure him out? only ones i see complaining of trynda run thier match history column red frequently.

I know... some say play a different champ... but i like what trynda brings... just dont think the hard nerfs are warranted because some kids cant effectively kite or counter or even ignite... i play pretty much only solo Q and have won as many as 36 straight and lost 7-8 in a row (from early game focus and of course the roll im on now of leavers and qqers and trolls tryng to double mid or double jungle...)
I just would like my experience to be a little closer to what it was less than a year or so ago... with little to no "lag/glitching" and a champ success that was dependant more or my play than how much CC and ignite a team has... i died then... just with the nerfs... if they gank... even a few failed ganks to push me back or recall im under farmed and is very difficult to make it back up with such a weak early game... heck... tanks with NO ad ruins or items out damage trynda early game... makes sense that a brusier is so weak early on?

k.. so im not asking to make him back to what 2 years ago... but his early game NEEDs help... or just remove him from the game so i can move on to something else.

server issues need addressed more than New champs every week and try needs buffed a little and issues with failed ults need looked into and fixed...