Cant seem to find any champs to play good except for singed

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At first i thought i wasl a good mid but as time passed on i lost interest in mid because well it was too boring :/ then i tried adc bot but then adcs seemed to squishy and boring for me. but i do like corki though dont get me mistaken i like watching all those crit damages and a **** load of tons of damamges but it just seems like u have to gamble because if u dont farm like hell then u lost. after that i tried jungle eh. then i tried solo top and support i was like wow i could be a good support or top which i tried a semi amount of champions to see which feels right. then a big event happened DYRUS i was watching one of his vids this vid to be exact . and i felt like singed might actually good and tried him and i absolutely loved him he was tanky trolly and runs like hell i can get the most impossible of kills and tower dive like there was no tower. he was perfect. but then as time moved on i never got bored of singed but i started to wonder if i can play another champion than singed but i cant seem to find a champion as fun and tanky and trolly as singed. BTW INVERTED COMPOSER U R ONE HELLUVA GOD OF A SINGED.