4v4 Fights

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So, i was playing Zed in the top lane, winning my lane, and took their tower first. then, someone was allways up there trying to bd, so i had to hang around and constantly fight one or two people, 4v4 fights started breaking out on other parts of the map, but their fifth person was allways up on the top with me.

so my team loses multiple 4v4 fights, then one starts blaming me while i am keeping this twitch or fiora (they kept switching) from taking top. so i get fed up, join a fight and pretty much stomp my way through the four of them, and low and behold twitch takes top inhib, my team pushes the first outer turret other than top and a few minutes later half of them get caught out of position and we lose the game.

The 4v4 should have been stronger on our side, with mao, kat, corki, and lulu vs fiora (or twitch depending on which was bd), lee, elise and taric.

Tell me, should i just have left the back doors and gone down, or done want i was doing in stoping the ******* top.

I know what i did was right, i am just looking for others input.

Thank you,

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Kill twitch and fiora push all 3 towers and inhib. When their team comes to stop you, that's when it's time for your pentakill. I wish the best of luck, fellow toplaner.