Champion Concept: Pecco, the avatar of sin

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Transforming champion like Nidalee or Jayce but more of an ap bruiser

Not going to bother with stats as I know nothing about balance and it is just a concept. Each form may have any combination of the spells below

Passive: Sinful relish: every 3rd spell cast grants a free cast of and spell excuding the ult

Set 1
Q: Greed: Deals damage to enemy with a percentage of damage dealt restoring mana
W:Lust: Increases movement speed of Pecco or another allied champion for a short time
E: Wrath: Deals magic damage based off of percent of health missing and bonus damage based on AP

Set 2
Q:Gluttony: A damaging spell that has a low percentage of spell vamp
W:Sloth: slows then stuns enemy for a short time.
E:Pride: Pecco taunts enemy champions in an area reducing their AD and causing them to attack him for a short time

R: Envy: Pecco desires what he doesn't have changing his form, granting an alternate move set and bonus MR or armor based on form (no cost)