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Craws, The Time Traveler

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Craws, Time Traveler

This hero revolves around jumping around and doing damage. Like an assassin

( Retry)
Passive: Every 5 basic auto attacks gain 1 stack. ( Max 5 charges). Charges allow your next spell to have bonus effects

(Time Slash) (active)
Q. Throws out knife dealing damage to all enemies in a line and marks all enemies. Knife will stay there unless picked up. (like olafs axes)
(Bonus) Deals true damage instead

(Time Warp) (active) ( 2 sec cd)
W. Teleports to any unit. Holds up to 5 charges, each charge allows Craws to jump to any unit(enemy allied, wards etc.) Deals damage to all units pass through and damage to the target. When used to allies, shield them for the same amount.
(Bonus) deals 50% more damage

(Dimension Surge )
E. (Active) Next 5 attacks will do 60% of his ad bonus
(Passive) Increased movement speed 5%/8%/12%/15%

(Bonus) Next 10 seconds or 5 attacks you will have 2.5 attack speed

(Traveler) R. Brings craw back to where he was 5 seconds ago. With health + charges 5 second ago. ( Like DotA Weavers ulti)

Note: Inspired by Lee sin, Narutos 4th hokage + dota 2 weaver. I thought we need more heroes that could jump around. This would be a hero which could make ‘ big plays” and be like a juke master (big fan) XD. What do you guys think?