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Arles Rotbone The Plague Monk [Champion Concept]

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Appearance- Wears a ratty brown monks robe. It is patched, torn and rotting. 6 Feet Tall. Incredibly skinny with long black claw like hands. A dagger and a few small jars are attached to his rope belt. His eyes glow green. A glowing green smile can be seen from under his cowl but his entire face is shaded in black. A sickly yellow green mist escapes his lips occasionally, this mist swirls and tends to form skulls.

[Lore] Arles Rotbone was never his true name. It was simply what he was called. Little is known of where he once came from. What we do know is that he had entered a monastery in a time of plague, his body was consumed with rot, skin gray and hard, the cracks red and filled with a black ooze that could only be described as death. He faded in and out of consciousness as the disease took him to his very bone. He muttered terrible things about the death, of the power of this plague... He sounded almost reverent despite the fact that he was dying. One day he awakened with a hacking cough, his eyes opening, a sickly green glow filling them. He sat up very slowly, his body having been leeched of most of its fat and muscle, looking more like a twig than a man. He climbed from his cot and walked into the middle of the room where the plague victims were being housed. He began muttering something quietly before exhaling and taking a deep breath. As he took in a breath a sickly greenish yellow mist filled the air, the disease began escaping the lips of the dying moving towards him. It entered his lips and his body shuttered. After about a minute the mist was gone and the people began waking up appearing curiously well. The monks looked on in awe, they had never seen such magic at work. It was as if the man had a blessing that allowed him to cure others. Needless to say he was requested to join the order of monks, his magic having been of great service to the monastery. He had no memory of the life before him but the monk Lee Sin had an idea of what to name him. Lee Sin gave him the name Arles Rotbone, he would become a local legend, The Plague Monk. Sometime after Lee Sin left to join the League Arles Rotbone began to feel bored. He had heard stories of the league, of creatures made of death and rot. Of a murderous scarecrow and of a zombie gravedigger. Arles decided to take a chance with the League, after all... It might serve to a more personal and more sinister purpose of nurturing a more deadly plague within his blood.

[Type of Champion]
Hybrid Caster Melee Bruiser Support
[Medium Range]

Passive- Body of Disease- Crowd Control (Non-Passive Based) Causes him to heal a small amount based on his AP plus a set amount. This effect stacks. This passive also comes with 10% CC Reduction.

Q- Wretched Aura- [Activate and Deactivate] Rots enemies in an area around the champion. reduces movement speed of Arles Rotbone. Reduces attacks speed and attack damage of nearby enemies. Does damage over time.

W- Yellow Fever-[Point and Click] Increase attack speed of targeted ally and of the caster. increases movement speed and slightly increases attack damage. Those affected with yellow fever take additional damage from enemy basic attacks and abilities.

E- Strangling Cold- A disease afflicts your enemy causing damage over time. If enemy stays near his allies for 3 seconds the disease spreads to everyone. Each target can only be affected once. Can be spread to minions from champions but it can not be spread from champions to minions. [Does less damage to those it spreads to. Deals less damage to minions.]

R- Deadly Plague- A wave of yellowish green mist drifts out of him to the surrounding area. This mist lingers for 5 seconds before dissipating. Those affected by the mist are confused for 3 seconds causing them to wander aimlessly. Enemies take periodic damage over the course of 5 seconds. The confusions begins after the first second and ends before the last.