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Selene The Whip Master

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Selenes abilites

Passive: Deadly Lashes
Selenes critical attacks cause the target to bleed.

Q: Tether grasp
Selene launches her whip at an arch (similar to Dianas) and wraps and roots an oppenent. Selene then spins to the opponents location.

W: Cant decide on name
Selene lashes out 3 stikes and the third strikes knocks backs enemies. (similar to riven)

E:Violent Burst
Selene gains 50% bonus attack speed and gains 25% critical strike.

R: Untamed Whip
Selene surpress any champions immediatley infront of her for 3 seconds and inflicts heavy damage upon them. (similar to Warwick ult)

Idea came to me when i realized riot has no champion with a whip lol

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How long is passive and is almost excact same as dravens. how long does E last. Does W deal dmg in a cone or what. How long does Q last. How much atuo atk range does she have. Do her ablities get ad or ap. So need more information on everything -_-