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A new way to play as champions. Denki and Kro, the twins of Equilibrium.

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Taco the Dragon

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NOTE: His name is not Kro, it's Kuro. My bad.

Denki and Kuro have been togethor since the beginning, ever since their parents died in the Ionia attack, they have been barely surviving togethor. The twosome have been wandering Valoran ever since. Before the attack they lived somewhat happily. Denki, being the light and kind one was constantly helping around. Kuro however, was dark and never seemed to do anything, which caused Denki to bicker at him, which then lead to them fighting with their magic. They were a handful, then one day, Ionia was attacked, Denki and Kuro's parents tried to defend the twins as the two escaped. Ever since, they have been looking for a new home.

Mage, fighter, Dual

Dual means that you control two differant characters at the same time.

Both characters follow all your commands as if you were controlling only one, if one seperates from the other, they immediatly teleport to the other. If you lose half of your HP, then Kuro dies and then respawns a few seconds later next to Denki. You play as Denki and guide Kuro's spells with Denki's spells and vice versa.

Passive: Equal Power: Half of your ability power is turned into attack damage and half your attack damage is turned into ability power. This only applies to ability power and attack damage gained by items/runes/masteries.

Q: Light Javelin / Shadow Rush:
Denki Light Javelin: Fires a bolt of light that shoots up in the air halfway through the travel distance to the end of the skill shot, then locks onto a random enemy (prioritizes champions.) and then deals magic damage. Kuro will cast his Shadow rush on the enemy targeted by this effect.
Kuro Shadow Rush: Kuro rushes to the target at blinding speeds, dealing physical damage.

W: Lighting Aura: Denki covers herself and Kuro with her power, shielding them and granting Kuro's next attack double damage.

E: Emitting Diode Ball / Darkness Leap:
Denki Emitting Diode Wave: Denki fires a ball of light to an enemy champion. It travels at 150% of Denki's current movement speed and if it collides with an enemy champion, (Either in it's path or the target) that champion is stunned and takes magic damage. Additionally Kuro will cast Darkness Leap to the stunned opponent.
Kuro Darkness Leap: Kuro jumps to the target location dealing physical damage.

R: Yinang Strike: Denki fires a wave of light in a line about the size of Anivia's Flash Frost. Takes a second to fire the wave, but if it collides with an enemy champion, Kuro will suppress the enemy champion, render it untargetable and start rapidly attacking similar to Ike's final smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl and finishing by knocking the targeted champion away several units.


Denki: "Two is always better than one!"

Kuro: "Lets do this."
Denki: "I hear ya."
Kuro: "Going."
Denki: "Alright."
Kuro: "Bring it on!"
Denki: "Nothing can stop us!"

Kuro: "Everyone knows that I'm the strongest!"
Denki: "No, it's light that is the strongest."
*The two begin to argue and start attacking each other.*

Kuro: "Fools, I am far stronger than you."

Denki: "I shrine much brighter than you."

*The two begin to do the tango togethor.*

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Taco the Dragon

Senior Member