the simple truth to getting out of low elo

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i was once about ~1000 elo, now generaly this isnt considered the depths of elo hell, but this is very low elo and entering elo hell, i am now 1342, which isnt amasing, nor that high, but its definitly decent in my eyes

alot of people claim they are stuck in elo hell but are atleast a 1300 player, if this is honestly true, then you need to find a friend or a fellow player who is also a 1300 or higher player that you can duo que with, and play your main roles every game with your best 2-3 champions. doing this will surely increase your win rate

from 1000- 1342 i only played jungle while being able to play 4 champions very well, but i really only played olaf every game because he is my best and i know my chances at winning would be higher.

my friend played mid/top every game with only 3-4 different champions because those were his best champions and knew he would win his lane with them

it is possible to get out of low elo, its all about who isnt retarded and who can carry harder. diversity of champions isnt really that important either, i only trust myself to play 4 champions well enough in a ranked game, but thats no big deal at all, scarra, the mid for Dignatas (spelling is wrong) went to his first pro tournament only being able to play TWO champions, with those being katarina and karthus.

the team comp isnt exactly as important as individual skill in low elo, considering its almost impossible to get your team to organize a good team comp anyways, so just duo que with a friend that you know wont lose his lane, and with 2 people on your team that can play well, your win rate should go up