MS quints on Vi

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3 armor pen quints = 7.7 armor pen.

armor yellows provide +14 armor

level 1 base armor ranges from 9-24.8

best case scenario you end up against someone with 9 armor and no armor runes. Assuming you are running the offensive mastery that gives you 8% armor pen that leaves 8.28 armor

at Vi's level 1 base damage you will be hitting them for 54.03 damage without Armor Pen quints and 58.16 damage with them.

Thats a difference of 4.13 damage.

worst case scenario you have a champ with 38.8 armor. -8% is 35.696

without the armor pen you deal 43.11

with the armor pen you deal 45.70 damage per hit

Thats a difference of 2.59

So not only do the armor pen quints not seem to do a whole lot, they seem to diminish in value as the game goes on, especially considering Vi is probably gonna build brutilizer kinda early anyways.