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Jarvan Mid PreSeason 3

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Hey wanted to get a discussion going on J4 MID

There is a push for AD casters like talon, panth etc. J4 could be one of them as well.

Jarvan is cc combo initiation champion. Meant to get into a fight, deal quick damage and safely get out, then wait for cooldowns and combo again.

He builds armor and attack speed already, so with his high ad ratios you wanna build and damage, and some magic resistance or health at the beginning...

Then build into armor penetration and more health/cooldown.

Specifically I think:
21/9/0 masteries
armor pen red
health yellows
cdr blues
_______quints (anything you want)

boots and pots 1st buy
philostone 2nd
harrass with combo, e q auto w out. will want blue for this
fast brutalizer and merc treds into black cleaver
i then think possibly tiamat into the hydra for sustain and extra damage. this will allow you to initiate and continue to do damage to multiple targets and get health back for your continued fight. with the armor pen and attack speed from spells this will work very efficiently.

from there... thoughts? suggestions?

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Senior Member


well it could work yes, but keep in mind of his ult which is a basic attack and a small hill

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Well if the basic attack is the first after 6 seconds it gets a nice little bit of extra damage, and since the ult has a x1.5 bonus ad ratio, then you get a nice little burst of damage.

The use of his ult in this role would be as a means to finish off an opponent with little outside influence, or to DIS-engage rather than engage. Ult the enemy and e-q combo out and run away. Like pantheon's ult is mostly utility so is Jarvan's in this case. Talon is the special one with damage and utility, but with proper play i think it' still viable.

From what I've played I've been able to at least match Nid and Swain in lane, usually have to seal the deal with an ignite, but all should one be proficient in Jarvan more than I, I believe it is a viable pick. Probly not for solo queue though :P

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I've been running J4 mid quite a bit over the last month or so, it is quite good.

I still run 9/21/0 though, as I love defensive masteries, and J4 has plenty of dmg.

Run standard runes as well.

Start flask 3+mana pot

As soon as you hit 2, go in with your combo, back off. Just keep repeating and after 3 or 4 you can ignite and kill.

2 Dorans Blades+Boots

After laning, I usually swithc back into carry killer mode. Up until their carry gets a GA, as long as you land your EQ they will die.