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Do you think Xillia would make a good League of Legends Champion?

Yes 8 61.54%
No (please post why) 4 30.77%
Maybe 1 7.69%
Voters 13 .

[YOUSOGREAT CONCEPT] Xillia, Soldier from the Future

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Van Wessel:
In my opinion, this belongs in the chaff pile.

Honestly, there's too many people on here pasting from Google images or Microsoft Paint, and create some really overpowered champion.

There's no way in ELO hell this could pass.

Gee, aren't you a ray of sunshine...

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No one seems to care...

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Still Eternity

Senior Member


As usual Youso, you have an incredibly detailed champion in which you cover mostly everything one could. Inspiration, Theme, Lore, Abilities, Metagame, ect. That's something I've always appreciated in your champion concepts and what I've tried to replicate when I make the few that I do. Now then, lets give this one a proper review, shall we? I'll go down in the order you have everything.

Targeting Sensors (innate passive)
Xillia gains 10% bonus armor penetration. Additionally, upon damaging an enemy unit with a basic attack, Xillia gains sight of the target for 2 seconds (this does not affect wards).

NOTES: This passive will affect stealthed enemy Champions. Applies to Spread Shot. Does not affect wards or ward-like units (i.e. Teemo's Mushrooms).

Pretty useful passive. A constant bonus to her damage, sort of like how Diana just gets some free AS from her passive, and gives her sight, which is an interesting bonus. Makes trying to juke her very difficult. It feels like it's in line with other passives.

Plasma Buster
Xillia fires a skill-shot nuke that deals physical damage to all enemies it hits in a line. When striking a Champion, the shot leaves behind a Plasma Sphere that deals physical damage each half-second to anything touching it over 2 seconds. Damage from overlapping Plasma Spheres does not stack.

Higher levels increase the damage and reduce the cooldown.

Hotkey: Q
Range: 900
Projectile Speed: 1800
Width: 100? [should be as wide as Sivir's Boomerang)
Initial Physical Damage: 80/110/140/170/200 (+1.0 bonus AD)
Plasma Sphere Damage (per second): 20/30/40/50/60 (+0.2 bonus AD)
Plasma Sphere Damage (total): 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.4 bonus AD)
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana

NOTES: Damage caused by overlapping Plasma Spheres does not stack. Plasma Spheres only appear when striking Champions.

Xillia's poke skill. The closest skill to this one is obviously Ezreal's Mystic Shot. This one, when compared, has both better base damage and better scaling assuming an enemy champion stays near the plasma spheres, and is ALSO AoE like Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker, but a much higher mana cost and a decently higher cooldown. 100 Mana is quite a lot for a basic ability you should feel good about using, and considering her mana pool is about average, I'd say a bit expensive to be using very much. Corki has an expensive Phosphorus bomb, but makes up for it in that his ultimate's poke is quite cheap. I know this pays dividends in it's cost, what with it being AoE, but to be honest, if you miss this skill, that's a full 1/8th of your base mana gone.

My suggestion is that you reduce the mana cost by at least 40, and reduce what this skill does by an equatable amount. Have it deal reduced initial damage per target it passes through, like Caitlyn's Q, but have that not affect the plasma damage, something to that effect. I'll leave the specifics up to you.

This will give you a skill that you can feel good about using, but not punished too hard for missing. Running out of mana is never fun, especially on an AD Carry who's focus is on pure damage, and nothing else.

Spread Shot
Xillia's basic attacks fire waves of energy bolts that damage all enemies in a cone. Each bolt wave deals physical damage plus a percentage of her total attack damage to enemies struck (half this is dealt as bonus damage to her primary target) and applies on-hit effects (cannot crit secondary targets). The waves deal half damage to minions and monsters. Lasts 8 seconds.

Higher levels increase the damage and total AD scaling of each bolt wave.

Hotkey: W
Wave Range: 650
Wave Width: 60 degrees [tentative]
Base Damage per Wave: 5/10/15/20/25
Percentage of Total AD added per Wave: 30/40/50/60/70%
Duration: 8 seconds
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Mana Cost: 50 mana

NOTES: Each wave damages enemies in a cone pattern (you can't weave between the bolts). All enemies struck are also hit by on-hit procs such as lifesteal or Wit's End; this does not include Spellblade items (i.e. Iceborn Gauntlet) - Spellblade only applies to the primary target. The bolt waves cannot deal critical strikes. The primary target is not hit by the wave, but takes half of the wave's damage as bonus damage (on-hit procs are not applied twice to the primary target per attack).

This skill is pretty nifty, and I like it a lot. As you said in one of the descriptions, it gives Xillia both great AoE damage and opens up an on-hit build viability, which I love. However, I do feel like the skill is a bit rough around the edges. For one, it's range says 650. Does that means it shoots farther than her auto attacks of 550 range? That sounds kinda wonky to me, I'm not sold. It should be based around her attack range, I feel. I'm not any authority on this, to be sure, but it just sounds wrong.

Next, the duration seems a bit long. With 40% CDR, (although unlikely) it's almost 100% up-time. That just seems a bit too powerful, even in just theory. You're basically giving your character the ability to attack everybody in a clumped teamfight 100% of the time. And don't get me started on Runaan's Hurricane; If this ability counts as On-Hit, that means it'd stack with Runaan's. Would that mean AoEs of Xillia Auto Attacks would just start shooting out in a huge wave when it hits bonus targets? Would that also apply On-Hits? I'm starting to imagine a Miss Fortune Ultimate constantly shooting out, with 100% up-time.

I may be imagining that completely wrong, but if that's the case...This skill might be too strong. I can't give you suggestions on this skill, because I'm not sure if I'm understanding it correctly. I want to be 100% sure before I give you any real advice.

Defensive Contingency
Xillia is constantly protected by an overshield that absorbs incoming damage. This shield recharges if Xillia does not take damage for a short time.

Higher levels improve the shield strength and reduce the recharge time.

Shield Strength: 50/85/120/155/190 (+0.4 AP)
Recharge Time: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds [highly tentative]

NOTES: Recharge time does not scale with cooldown reduction. Shield recharge resets if Xillia is hit by any damaging attacks or abilities.

Xillia's body accelerates, increasing her movement speed by 40% for 1 second and instantly refreshing her passive shield. Champion kills and assists refresh the cooldown.

Higher levels reduce the cooldown.

Hotkey: E
Bonus MS: +40% (all levels)
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Mana Cost: 60 mana

NOTES: The passive shield is immediately refreshed and brought to full strength when the active is used.

So, Xillia has basically a Malphite Passive as her E, which does double duty as a speed boost and shield refresher when she activates it. Another good skill that fits in her kit; she's an excellent chaser ADC, with her Passive which makes it hard to juke, Q being a skillshot AoE which will deal damage, and this making receive a burst of speed to catch up to someone. However, I still have an issue with it.

The refresh. Honestly, I don't think it's needed. Assuming Xillia builds any CDR, (which would be damn good on her; Black Cleaver, you are my beeeeeeeeesssst friend.) This will have quite high up-time already as you level it up. 18 at rank one is worth it for the Refresh, but at 10? That's pretty much up all the time anyway. This is just a needless stat on here that doesn't really do anything except make her stronger in niche and low-chance circumstances.

My suggestion is to just remove the refresh. There's no real need for it. Unless you make the shield stronger, keep the high cooldown at all levels, and keep the refresh. You can go down that path, if you'd like as well.

Chrono Disruptor (ultimate)
Xillia shoots a target enemy Champion with her Chrono Disruptor, dealing magic damage and warping the target 3 seconds back in time, resetting its position and stunning the target for 1 second when it arrives.

Higher levels increase the damage, increase the casting range, and reduce the cooldown.

Hotkey: R
Range: 600/700/800
Magic Damage: 150/250/350 (+1.0AP)
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds
Mana Cost: 100 mana

NOTES: Does not reset health, mana, cooldowns, crowd controls, gold, experience, items, or other statistics for the target. Does not alter the state of other debuffs currently on the target.

A very, very, very strong ultimate. The sheer utility of this skill is massive. The positioning headache this would give an initiating enemy would be massive, and it makes her role as a Chaser ADC even stronger. Oh, you flashed just out of my range? Well, I auto attacked you, so I still have vision of you. I cast my ulti, boom, you're right back here. The power of positioning in this game is one of the most powerful of all abilities. What makes this skill not gamebreakingly OP is at the very least, it does very little damage and has a high cooldown at all levels. 350 Magic Damage Lategame, on an ADC Carry is virtually nothing. If it has channel time, well thank god, because that means she can't be auto attacking, which balances it further.

However, despite all what tries to balance it, I still feel like it's a bit too powerful. Not by much, but for the same reason why Flash will always be the best summoner skill is why this skill will always be very powerful; it lets you control positioning.

As for suggestions, I would lower the Warp-Back time to 2 Seconds at all levels, and MAYBE Increase the cooldown more. A positioning spell is never to be under-valued; just ask Skarner.

OVERALL ABILITIES: I like the synergy you have going on here. I find Xillia to be an excellent "Chaser" or "Hunter" ADC; her passive makes it easy to stick to targets, she has a small speed boost, can blast them with strong AoE Damage and the icing on the cake is she has a powerful positioning skill. She is very strong in clumped up fights, but will likely lose in a 1v1 on equal terms with other ADCs, like Graves or Corki. She has good skills, but some of them are a bit wonky right now or simply cost too much mana.

She does seem a bit strong in her current state though; overall, she might need a few nerfs to her kit to keep her in line.

Race: Artificially-enhanced human
Nationality: Unknown/NA
Age: Unknown, appears 20
Occupation: Super-Soldier
Affiliation: Runeterra Survivors, Institute of War

Background (planning a rewrite)
The super-soldier Xillia is a true oddball among the League's Champions, appearing alien to those who have met her. Many believe she is not from Runeterra, but she claims otherwise. Indeed, she is from Runeterra, but hails from a distant future... one where the world has been reduced to ashes and dust.

In Xillia's timeline, the wanton use of destructive magic and the strife between nations and powers had torn Runeterra asunder, leaving the planet a wasteland of near-extinction. The survivors of the future believed that the course of history could be changed if events of the past were altered. Despite that it would not save their timeline from devastation, they knew they could not let the same events repeat themselves. Through a combination of science and sorcery, the last of the Summoners sent Xillia back through time, moments before the planet was completely destroyed.

For years, Xillia remained in cryostasis, for the scientists had not specified what time she would be sent to. Eventually, she was discovered by a member of the Institute of War during an expedition to the Shurima Desert, and after long study by the Summoners, her pod was opened. Learning of where and when she had ended up, and of the goals of Institute of War, she revealed her mission to the Summoners. The Summoners agreed to aid her in her mission, and inducted her as a Champion in the League of Legends. She now fights to prevent the disastrous future from which she hails.

I come from a future that I must avert, at any cost. – Xillia before the High Council of the Institute of War

Random Trivia
- Xillia comes from a time where technology is dominant, but magic is still prevalent.

- Xillia is an artificially-enhanced human. She is a near-perfect blend of organic and technological material. Her mind, however, is that of a human's.

- In her future, Xillia was a star soldier who fought in countless battles to try and save Runeterra, but ultimately failed. She volunteered to be sent back in time to make up for her failure.

- Xillia primarily uses a custom-made energy rifle in combat. It fires bolts of energy and plasma instead of bullets, so she'll never run out of ammo.

Now, I know it says you'd like to rewrite it, but I must address the Lore. It's a bit bland. We are never told who Xillia is fighting before she is sent back through time, just that whatever it is causes the end of the world. She's then sent through time, rather than space, like an already grown-up Superman where some researchers find her and wake her up. Meh. Better than Hecarim's lore, yeah, but could use work. There's no reason for why she feels so guilty over a failure; it sort of seems like it was everyone's failure the world ended.

For suggestions, I would instead have this take place already in the future, describing how Xillia has failed and what she failed against, and why she has to go back through time to fix things. This establishes a clear goal for her, and an emotional attachment we can make to her.

- Ideal Voice Actor: Luci Christian (Deunan Knute in Appleseed: Ex Machina)
Upon Selection
Mission accepted.
Consider it done.
On the move.
Got it.
Engaging the enemy.
Preparing to terminate.
Beginning assault.
They don't stand a chance.
Another kill for the cause.
Sorry, I haven't got any good ones.

Not sure what he personality is supposed to be, as I've never seen the anime you took inspiration from, but she sounds pretty boring. Nothing about how she must make up for her failure, nothing other than "Yessir" in different words. You can do better, some of your other works have much better quotes. Remember, these quotes are basically what makes the Champion real to the player; they give us an eye into their soul.

Take Swain for example. Some of his quotes are about tactics, others about his bird, all of them have an underlying sense of utter confidence in himself. "Victory Awaits!" "My thoughts exactly!" "They dare oppose Noxus?" "I'm five steps ahead of you," ect.

You get his impression quite clearly; He's supposed to be the genius his lore makes him out to be, and he's plenty badass enough to deserve Jarvan as his Rival/Mortal Enemy. (TBH, It's more JARVAN that deserves Swain to be his Rival/Mortal Enemy)

Xillia just sounds...Compliant. And that's it.

Conclusion: Xillia is an interesting Champion, at least on the mechanics side. She has interesting abilities that do powerful things and would be a strong addition to almost any team. Those same abilities though seem a bit too powerful to compare to other ADCs. I would do some re-balancing. Her lore could use some more work though, same for her quotes. Give those the same love you gave her skills, and she would honestly start to sound much better.

This is a good start, but like any idea when it's first started, it could use some refinement. Excellent concept though, and I LOVE her kit synergy. I also like the viability of an on-hit build on her; Flexibility without over-powering a character is a very good trait to have.

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Still Eternity

Senior Member


Give you a bump, seeing as this fell to the third page in less than a day.

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Just a quick address to your review, Still Eternity. Thanks for it, btw.

Plasma Buster changes? Yeah, I guess the "reduced damage per passthrough" would be good, but I think that in terms of mana cost I'd reduce it to, say, 60/65/70/75/80 so that it has a price to it and isn't just a "free nuke". 60 mana at level 1 is acceptable, IMO, especially if you compare to someone like Graves.

Runaan's Hurricane would not go batsh*t crazy with Spread Shot. You'll only fire two bolts per attack centered around your primary target, regardless of how many targets you hit. Runaan's would still be a good idea for Xillia to spread a bit more damage and increase her AS. It wouldn't be a case of "old Tiamat", though.

Defensive Contingency has always been the tricky skill, IMO, because I want Xillia to have a shield ala Halo. However, I can't make the passive shield too strong or it'll make Xillia too tough to harass. That's why there's the shield refresh on the active; I can keep it weak, but it becomes "strong" when Xillia wants it to. Though you're right; I should increase the base CD so that it's more punishing to use if Xillia doesn't get a kill/assist.

Reducing the ult's warp-back to 2 seconds? I guess that could be acceptable, emphasizing more on timing due to Chrono Disruptor's sheer power. I was thinking 2.5 seconds, but 2 is probably more realistic; I wasn't actually thinking about how hard it counters Flash, TBH.

As for Xillia's personality, you're right. The "compliant" thing is something I should change to make her sound more lively. I'll also be updating her lore.

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Multiple changes based on Still Eternity's post finished!

Check out the changelog for details.

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