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Looking for people to play with

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Hi, I'm relativity new to Lol and am only level 24ish. I am looking for more people to play with because my team is usually relativity bad and most the time start to argue with one another. I would like to get a team together so I could win more games because I lose most my games ATM due to disconnecters and feeders. I usually play the roll of AD but variety is the spice of life so I will try out most roles. I have a skype and a mic so it would be preferred if you did too so we could actually communicate I usually play with one real life friend and he would p-lay with us too. Add me on the US server and maybe we could play a match or two and have a good time. Don't expect to win because I'm not the best player, I'm just looking for a fun experience.

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Quotation Marks

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Hey ill play with ya if you want