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A Little bit of Personal Guidance

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Junior Member


Hello fellow LoL players-

I'm at a point in my life where I need to carefully consider the next steps towards my career.
Just curious, for those out there in the game design aspect of the industry, (note specifically design, like the writing/art/etc, not the coding.) what can you offer as a suggestion for a path through university or college, or perhaps tips for getting into the career itself?

Anyone who knows people or have general suggestions are welcome to pitch in, I'm just really hoping to get the attention of a red, ideally, see what they say.

Please help!

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Don't have personal experience but I read a lot of the threads like this that Reds participate in.

Basically, the consensus seems to be that your individual skill and capabilities, and your willingness to work with others trumps and transcends formal education/degrees/etc. In other words, if you are a prodigy at what you do, no amount of training or education will make a college graduate more appealing than you are.