Recall animations for these new skins are absolutely fantastic for some reason

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It started with Neon Strike Vi; I was completely sold on this skin when I saw the recall animation.

I don't know what it is, but since then, the recall animations for these new skins are just some of the best aspects of the new skins. Panda Annie's recall is stupidly adorable, the *ding* with Debonair Jayce's recall is satisfying, and recently I went absolutely ga-ga for Special Weapon Zac's recall.

They're all just great, and I think it has to do with the fact that they really capture the essence of the skin/character with them; Special Weapon Zac in particular looks like a standard kind-of "evil" version of Zac, sure, but the recall animation that goes with it also paints Zac as a different, haughty, more egotistical version of himself when he's in that skin. It spoke volumes for portraying Zac as a different character (while being ridiculously fun to watch), and it made me practically insta-buy the skin.

All in all Riot? Keep making these awesome recall animations till the end of time.

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I hope one day Riot will give every champ a recall animation.