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Punished both in normal and ranked games.

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lFalse Kingl



I don't think I have to provide any more information about solo queue in ranked, there is enough already. I also have concerns about players who solo queue in normal such as myself. I can be matched with random players who play poorly against a stack team of 5 players. There is no game lobby and we probably get matched with team mates based by that poorly working formula that doesn't determine whether a player is good or not.

It seems unfair that:
A) I get put with random players(elo formula very inaccurate) against a stacked team.
B) Penalize for leaving lobby if matched with trolls.
C) Unable to leave game(by atl+f4, just get put back) and even get suspended or banned for not putting up with this unfairness.

To play solo has a lot of cons in this game to simply put it. There doesn't seem to be much freedom, unlike other online games. Making the match making more accurate could reduce the negativity greatly. Limiting the teams in normal could too or creating a separate game assignment as well.

I am just saying, I have been put in very unpleasant games without being able to do anything. In other games, despite being matched with poor players randomly, you would at least be able to "rage quit" and get some minor penalty such as no experience. For this game, you get stuck in hell, suffer, without any options. I am just looking for a way around these bad experiences.

I also look forward for a unique feature while being assign to a team. For example, when we click play, there is no need for that accept or decline option while searching for a map. It would be nice if you would get put into a game once you click play now, and have the option to stay and leave in the lobby. New players come and go in the lobby. Once everyone in the lobby decides to stay, the game start. This would reduce the randomness, even if the elo is inaccurate.

Visually: [x] to quit
player 1 seat(stays) vs player 1 (stays)
player 2 seat(leaves and gets filled by another player who stays) vs player 2(stays)
player 3 seat(searching for a player) vs player 3(searching)

It would also be nice if you could tell whether the team are stacked or not while having the feature above. Stacked team should be highlighted I'd say. I mainly want to see a heads up before accepting to play being STUCK with a team. Other games allows many freedom as I said before, along with details of other players.