Recruting Members For Team STYG Gold+

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Theres a Tournyment in the Montreal area hosted by In March 1st 2nd anf 3rd,

Hi my name is Rufflel In game am the Captain of team STYG, were currently 5/0 as of 1/15/2013, and were looking for new members to fit in better with are team. were looking for a jungler,Top lane or VERY PRO SUPPORT let know if your interested! MSg Rufflel Or DaveQc or on skype BOSSMANABU or Cournoyer David

P.S some things you need before you message us is a Skype account, a proper mic and a Calm attitude, I don't Care at all for what the Solo Q rating you are currently at am willing to try whom ever they are. Must Live in the Montreal Area!!!

P.S.S were friendly and hope to hear form the League community very soon!